SOS Emotions – online course

Self-regualtion with the Change Triangle® A new way to listen to your body, discover core emotions and reconnect to your self.

A DYI on demand online course in 9 weeks by Anne Pascale Stein and Julia Leim. In this course you learn to understand, feel and communicate your emotions in a new way that feels true to yourself. The course will be available in English June 2024.

This course is for you:

  • if you want to learn more about the importance of self-regulation and emotions for a balanced life
  • if you want to better understand the different emotions and their influence on your well-being, thoughts and actions
  • if you are interested in practical tools to better manage stressful and overwhelming emotions
  • if you want to learn how to put your feelings into words and communicate them better
  • if you want to have more understanding and compassion for your own emotional mess and that of others
  • if you want to develop new routines for yourself that promote your emotional well-being
  • if you would like to deepen and practice on your own what you are learning or have learned in the sessions with me
  • if you liked the Saturdaytrainings and would like more of that
  • if it has been a long time since our sessions and you would like to refresh what you have already learned
  • if you are waiting for an appointment for your first session or if sessions are not an option right now and you would like to do something for yourself

Emotions are signals for our needs

Emotions serve as the compass guiding us through the journey of life, alerting us to our needs and steering us towards what truly matters. The challenge, however, lies in our ability to handle these emotions constructively—a skill many of us struggle to master.

Too often, when confronted with anger signaling a breach of boundaries, we’ve been conditioned to suppress it, putting on a tough facade instead. Likewise, in the face of loss, rather than allowing ourselves to mourn and pave the way for new experiences, we often downplay the impact, convincing ourselves that it’s not as significant.

Our defensive mechanisms can be so robust that certain emotions are entirely banished from our awareness. Alternatively, we may find ourselves immobilized in a cycle of grief, anger, or fear, unable to break free and allow for personal growth.

Being with what is

When we embrace the present moment, our emotions can reclaim their inherent purpose: to act as a compass guiding us toward what we love, defining our boundaries, and alerting us to potential dangers.

Emotions are a bodily experience, and it’s precisely within our physical selves that we can learn to acknowledge and create space for them. Physiologically, each emotion typically lasts for a brief 60-90 seconds if given the chance. Moreover, the process of simply being present with an emotion, allowing it to unfold, unleashes a remarkable surge of energy that we can harness for our benefit. This newfound energy empowers us to establish boundaries, bid farewell when needed, and connect with those we wish to be close to. The question then arises: How can we effectively achieve this?

In this course, crafted in collaboration with my colleague Julia Leim, you will gain insights into the fundamentals of navigating emotions, understanding protective mechanisms, and managing anxiety and stress within the body

Step by Step to Greater Well-Being with the Change Triangle

With the help of the Change Triangle, you will learn to locate yourself on the emotional map. You will be given concrete tools to help you move from a state of stress, anxiety or hardship back to calm, clarity and ease and to take good care of yourself. You can read more about the Change Triangle here.

“SOS Emotions” can be the start of something really new – a deep connection with yourself and the world. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about how important emotions are for a happy life – and who wants to find ways to face their emotions, protective mechanisms and anxiety in a new way so that they can take control of their lives again. The course contains numerous didactic videos, guided audio meditations, journal prompts and questionnaires, movement impulses and background information for self-learning. The course is accompanied by regular live online meetings and is available June 2024.

Do you have questions about the course or would you like to be informed when it is available? Write me an

The Change Triangle

The Change Triangle® is an easy-to-understand and extremely helpful model for the understanding of and dealing with feelings, protective mechanisms and anxiety and how they are experienced and reagulated in the body.

This version of the Change Triangle® was published and described by US-american psychotherapist and author Hilary Jacobs Hendel in her 2018 book “It’s Not Always Depression: A New Theory of Listening to Your Body, Discovering Core Emotions, and Reconnecting with Your Authentic Self”. It’s a version for the bic public of the clinical model of AEDP – Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy – a psychotherapeutic approach that is developed and researched for over two dacades by psychologist and psychotherapist Diana Fosha and the faculty of the AEDP Institute in New York.

We have supplemented the Change Triangle® in consultation with Hilary and embedded it in our body oriented approach – this makes it even easier for you to learn how to move flexibly on the Change Triangle® and to encounter your emotions in a new and very concrete way through your body. Our course is based on the Emotions Education 101 curriculum developed by Hilary Jacoby Hendel and Heather Stanfort.

You find more information about my colleague Julia Leim here – I recommend working with Julia for everybody interested in individual in person sessions in Munich and surroundings!

If you already want to get to know us, you can hear us speak about our work here: Julia with Kathie Kleff at Get Happy (in German) und Anne Pascale with Johanne Schwensen at Therapy Talk with It’s complicated (in English).

We are looking forward to meeting you in the course!